25 April 2005

Three Weeks on the Road

Just noticed that we've been on the road for three weeks: we left California on April 4th. Of course, the Tour proper did not begin until April 12th, or two weeks ago tomorrow, but physiologically speaking that's a footnote! We've driven just under 4000km so far.
One certainly loses track of the passage of time; there are no "normal" days, and glancing at the schedule I see there are not likely to be any in the future! A few very stray notes:
  • We continue to roll up rims, and to win nothing.
  • Our schedule is nowhere near as intense as Blue Rodeo's, who played tonight in Saskatoon (just after I mentioned their great live show on this blog; we thought of going but had a lot to do; also, they're playing in Winnipeg later this week!)
  • We are rather afraid of the upcoming drive from Winnipeg to Toronto. Not only is it three 10-hour days, with doubtful Internet-accessibility, but we will have to pass through Wawa, the Bermuda Triangle of the Trans-Canada.
  • We are acquiring books at a reckless rate. Part of this is owing to my dropping off brochures in bookstores prior to the public shows. Since many of these are used book stores, a) a lot of time is wasted in wandering around the stacks, and b) I have to face the fact that I have a problem. (Just picked up three stray histories of New France, for instance: Thomas Costain, The White and the Gold; J. L. Rutledge, Century of Conflict; W. J. Eccles, Canada Under Louis XIV. The first is both jocose and appallingly racist; the second is rather romantic; the third is outstanding & much recommended. Dave also found two ancient Greek textbooks from way back when at a bookstore in rural Alberta; he's making amazing progress.)
  • Today I bought a new pair of black pants, to be featured in future performances. "Pure polyester!" the salesman remarked with great satisfaction.


Anonymous said...

Polyester doesn't breathe Jack - but you'll find that out soon enough.

Glad to see that you've rediscovered one of the great joys of living in Saskatchewan, Pilsner beer!

See you soon in the Big Smoke.

Elise N said...


Sounds like your having a great time. Good luck on your performace and hope you are having a great trip.

Anonymous said...

Hi I am a kid from West Vancouver, B.C, just wishing you the best of luck in your travels and performance in Wennipeg.

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm a mulgrave student who thinks your tour is great and I wish you the best luck on your tour.

Sid.P said...

i just wantyed to say good-luck with your tour around canada.
I am sure everyone will love your poem.