27 April 2005

Full performance video!

Here it is, a full video of the whole performance at the Western Development Museum in Saskatoon (this last Sunday). Click on the following link!

Notes: It's a large file (112 mb) but I hope it will stream. (If not, we will take it down and fix it.) You may wish to increase the size of the .wmv player (it doesn't lose much in quality). Also, the sound could be better; we had a technical glitch on that front.

I just performed at St. John's High School on the North Side of Winnipeg; about 60 students in the audience, and we should have better sound for the footage we got. We are working to upload this show too -- quite soon!

Was interviewed the The Beaver this afternoon; they are doing a profile of me, which will likely appear in the August-September issue.

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