24 April 2005

Prairie tour video

Dave has been working overtime with the video material, and here's a taste: a short (2 min) little montage of us driving from Calgary to Saskatoon.

It features the song
White Rose by Slaid Cleeves, off the tribute album to Fred Eaglesmith.

We're hoping to upload a full performance video before long; possibly the upcoming one at the Western Development Museum in Saskatoon, today at 7pm (mapped here).

Foreign readers may be mystified by the reference at the end of the clip to Tim Horton's, the strangely potent, certainly ubiquitous national coffee&doughnut-shop icon. No kidding, it's a cult. We have so far rolled up the rim and won nothing eight times.


Anonymous said...

The video is wonderful!

Can't wait till you guys get here

Anonymous said...

Great video!

Anonymous said...

Perfect White Rose road show.