30 April 2005

In Thunder Bay

[reading my handy all-in-one Homer edition en route]

We're now in Thunder Bay, fairly tired. A beautiful drive today: one climbs into the Canadian Shield very quickly (it happened when Dave was changing tapes, so the camera missed it!), and the change from flat, tree-speckled prairie to embouldered, lake-bearing Shield is very striking. We also passed across the Arctic/Atlantic watershed line on the Trans-Canada (not far past Upsala, if I recall correctly). Some splendid pics for upload, but I'll add them to this post a bit later.

Internet access . . . well, it's working, isn't it? It's easy to forget that there are large chunks of the world, say 99%, for whom the Internet is somehow not as important as toothpaste. These fine folks do not suffer panic attacks when unable to check their email every day; they still know how to use the Yellow Pages; they wonder who the guy is with the bags under his eyes sitting in the lobby of their hotel, his power cable fully extended as he stretches his laptop towards the one known wireless node, clutching his brow as the signal sputters. O sancta simplicitas!


Added on May Day:
pics as promised

[into the Canadian Shield: note rocks, hills, trees]

[Dave at the watershed line; behind him, things are flowing into the Arctic]

[me at the watershed line; behind me, things are flowing into the Atlantic]


Anonymous said...

It's great to know you've made it safely to Thunder Bay...Mamie.

Simon & Christina said...

Jack & Dave,

We're looking forward to the show in Ottawa on the 8th. We hope to round up a giant crowd of poem-appreciators. See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Good pics.

Frank said...

Cool pics Jacks!