24 April 2005

Saskatoon show at WDM

[onstage in Saskatoon]

We just got back from the Saskatoon show, which was at the Western Development Museum. It was probably the best show to date.

[facing the audience]

I improvised a good deal, but in a seamless manner (if I do say so myself). In one line there were two extra syllables, but I enjambed straight into the next line so it didn't faze the audience! Nearly a full 700 lines, but only one guy at the back was fidgeting. My goal remains to hold the whole audience, though, so there is room for improvement. We are planning a huge video upload from this show, so watch this space.

[Main Street in Boomtown]

The venue was superb. If you're ever in Saskatoon, you must see it. It's one huge space, an indoor Main Street from 1910 (of a fictional "Boomtown"). As much of it is the result of volunteer labour, one comes away (yet again) with admiration for the civic spirit of Saskatchewan.

We also ran into the great Dan Ring, a semi-legendary figure, who works at the Mendel Gallery. I had stayed at his place on Rhapsodic Tour 2000, when the bike all but died literally as I rolled up his driveway (after a 10 hour ride from Winnipeg). So I was his guest that year for rather longer than he anticipated, drinking Pil in the warm prairie summer sun; I gave my interview to As It Happens sitting on his living room couch. A pleasure to get the chance to introduce Dave to him; the guy is about the most bohemian person ever to walk the face of the earth, with a bottomless store of amazing stories. We had some good Pils tonight too, at a bar where he used to play guitar while chairs were broken over people's backs.

[a Pil]


Anonymous said...

Looks tasty

Anonymous said...

Jack how much did you drink?

looks really good!!!!

Anonymous said...

jack,dave how was it? I think u guys will be seccsesful in your trip to fame