05 May 2005

Radio interview: CBC Toronto

Here's a sound file featuring the interview I gave on Tuesday to CBC's Here and Now, the afternoon show for southern Ontario; the host was Marichka Melnyk:
I rather wonder how many people this will bring out to the show at Fort York tomorrow. We stopped by today to see the venue: quite a spacious hall, and hopefully large enough for the big crowd I anticipate! I've been sleeping up, so I should be in top form tomorrow evening.

Am working on a transcript of the St. John's High School show, to bring out how it differs from the "canonical" version; this is a bit slow-going, but I hope to have it up soon.

A relatively lazy day today. I spent blissful hours watching Gomery gossip on CBC Newsworld. Before Canadian readers of this blog, having absorbed that last sentence, call 9-1-1 on my behalf, I should add that I really consider it Fate's little gift to me that I should happen to be touring the country at a moment of national political crisis. Sure, I'm competing with the likes of Chuck Guite for front page coverage, but I get to see how each region responds to sustained dysfunctionality. My general conclusion: the country that plaints together stays together.

And then there are the moments of sheer bear-baiting excitement, like Question Period yesterday. In contrast to all other segments I've seen for, oh, about ten years, there were lots of apropros questions, posed passionately from the opposition side and answered with Gladstonian dignity by the Government. Layton was quite suave, indeed as airbrushed as ever; the PM looked primeministerial. My own MP, Mauril Belanger of Ottawa Centre, answered a question well, though he seems to have bought a huge 70's toupee since last election flyer. Scott Brison is looking more and more like a minor Father of Confederation. The highlight was Rahim Jaffer's departure from the script when he was ragging on Joe Volpe: you could see him getting more and more worked up as he read from his prepared question until at last, rapt in rhetorical rage, he couldn't focus on the printed page and instead just went with it -- "or will the Prime Minister fire this embarassment to Canadians?" He was on all the newscasts, too: MPs should take the lesson and quit reading their questions. It looks terrible. Not as bad as schoolboy heckling from the back benches, that disgraceful practice, but terrible nonetheless.


John O'Flynn said...

Helllo lads! I was interviewed over the phone by a Globe & Mail reporter Thursday night. Let me know when the article surfaces so my students may get the newspaper to read. We are enjoying following your progress each Monday & Weds during our computer time. We would love for ye to come back to Mulgrave once the tour is over! I encourage ye to check out our school's newsletter where an article appears about your tour.( Page 27). www.mulgrave.com


Anonymous said...

Nice you got interviewed by the radio, Maby next time you will be intervewed by the telly.

Anonymous said...

I love your play! HEE HEE HEE