08 May 2005

Must blog but cannot

Am too short of time to blog properly -- about the great success of the Toronto show, the happy homecoming in Ottawa -- but will do so soon; the Ottawa show starts in just an hour and half! We are out the door. The Bunny Watson show in which I feature was aired yesterday at 7pm, and will be on the air again today at 4pm EST. (There should be a streaming audio link at the show site, if you're interested in listening in!). I was also interviewed for TV in TO, and will try to put that up when it appears. Must run!


Anonymous said...

Greetings Jack,

Congrats again on a terrific performance at Fort York. As Mamie would say, "I knew it would be great but you exceeded all my expectations!".

Be sure to post a photo of you shooting off a musket.


Anonymous said...

cool dude

Anonymous said...

This is a bit belated but we really enjoyed your performance! You're a remarkable young man!