21 May 2005

Globe and Mail piece

So, I'm in the Globe! It's a fairly extensive profile, by Julie Traves, in the Review section (page # varies by region).

Needless to say I'm feeling extremely pleased this morning. I just tried nipping out to the dep, but it was closed unil 9am. Dilemma: do I buy all the copies of the Globe at a given store, in a spending spree of vanity, or do I let them be bought by the regular patrons and thus spread my kleos in Dartmouth?

Update: Finally managed to find a copy (3 copies) of the Globe, and have scanned in the photo you see above, which isn't available online. It's the work of Mr. Brian Atkinson, a talented photographer and heck of a nice guy; he told me he's about to travel to southern Africa these next few weeks, in keeping with his international career.


John O'Flynn said...

Simply over the moon at being recognized as a "groupie" of the Tour by Julie Traves! Wondering what the benefits might be for this new rating?

Have you heard that Pope Benedict XVI will be saying mass in 2008 on the Plains of Abraham -- "God willing" as quoted by Quebec Cardinal Ouellet last week. There will be an International Eucharistic Congress that year and I am sure it would be a great year for another tour by yerself in '08!


Anonymous said...

Julie Traves' piece is wonderful Jack. The Toronto paper headline was 'Montcalm, Meet Homer'- definitely a grabber. I'm glad you are still enjoying the road. The blog is terrific.