06 April 2005

Canadian border reached!

Well, we made it to Canada -- up through Northern California, Oregon, Washington; this last in the pouring rain with both drivers' backs breaking -- and it's good to be back. We're staying with our friends Lizzie and Itai tonight; after a splendid supper they showed us their beautiful Arabian horses (and very philosophical donkey). Tomorrow we take the ferry to Vancouver Island to see two of our grandparents. In fact, travelling is quite pleasant when you're frantically practicing epic poetry; or that's the verdict so far!

Tons of email correspondence as the Tour approaches D-Day (April 12th in West Vancouver). Am just writing up more .PDF's for the website. Hope everyone is suitably impressed by our first video upload, less than completely spectacular though it may be. The struggle now is to find ethernet connections. Just got word that the 78th Fraser Highlanders are planning a huge demonstration of support in the show at the Vancouver Museum on April 14th. What spendid news!

Some pictures of the first leg of the roadtrip (Silicon Valley to BC):

Myself, looking very rhapsodic, in front of the Classics Department at Stanford.

Dave with camera, tripod, trunk on the morning we left California.

The open road.

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Anonymous said...

Great news that the 78th Highlanders will be present for the performance. Two questions:

1. Were they there at the Battle of the Plains of Abraham?

2. Are they going to be present at any other performances?